Why Wicca

Whether you are just starting out on your journey, or have been travelling it for a while now, have you ever reflected on why you were drawn to Wicca in the first place?

Why choose the ‘Wiccan Way’? What are the good things, and the bad, about following this path?

The questions can seem endless, much like the knowledge that is to be gained upon this path. I think sometimes you can walk the Wiccan Way 3 lifetimes over and still not be considered an expert in every single minute detail.

Wicca is such a diverse subject, and quite honestly, that’s part of what I love about it. We all follow our own versions of the path, and through this website, my aim is to share with you my own way of doing things.

What I must stress is what I do isn’t right, nor is it wrong. It’s right for me, but could be totally wrong for you – and that’s ok! Take what rings true to you and discard what doesn’t.

So here is my take on Wicca, and why I chose to follow this path.

First and foremost, I love the Wiccan Rede, these are kind of like the rules or guidelines as to how to conduct yourself. Essentially the key phrase is do what you will, but harm none as what you give our will come back to you times three (I am paraphrasing but you get the drift).

I have seen quite a lot of controversy surrounding this within the Pagan community. There are those that practice witchcraft whose personal beliefs are ‘do not harm, but take no shit’. I will go into the difference between Wiccans and Witches in another post, but for now, my own personal view is a grey area in between the two points of view!

As a Wiccan, I am very rigid in harming no one (including myself), and I firmly believe that what you give out (thoughts / energy / actions), will come back to you either positively or negatively.

If there is an attempt to cause me, or my loved ones harm I will have no hesitation at fighting back. But the fight is not directed at the person causing the harm in the first place, it is directed at myself, or my loved ones, and how we can positively learn from the situation, become stronger, and build up defences / have strategies in play to ensure that the person, or any other person, can never do that again.

For example, if someone burgles your house, but are not caught (and therefore no justice legally can be done), are you going to do nothing and carry on with life as it always has been, or are you going to ‘to something about it’. For Witches, that might be casting spells or hexes against the person who committed the burglary. For me though, I would ask myself how did they get in? is there anything that I could have done to prevent this? What can I do in the future to ensure this doesn’t happen again? After I have dealt with the practicalities of the situation, I would complete a good old smudging and set up some other forms of protection.

I hope you can see the difference in thoughts there, and where I personally sit. If you disagree with me, that’s perfectly fine you are allowed to!

I love Wicca because I loving chatting with the Goddess and God informally, having a giggle and having fun. I also love being serious, doing rituals to honour them in a much more formal way. I love the festivals, I love the fact that it is a nature based religion, and for my own part, there is a perfect balance between male and female, light and dark, day and night etc. Some Wiccans only worship the female aspect, I choose to worship both as equal.

Wicca for me is freedom, freedom of choice, freedom to practice what I want, when I want, where I want wearing what I what!

If I miss a ritual, mess up my words, or face a different direction than normal, I don’t get hung up about it.

I am a Solitary Eclectic Wiccan which means I follow my own path, my own rules and I pick and choose ideals and ideologies that ring true for me.

I’ve said the word love a lot here, but truly that is how I feel when I think, breathe and practice Wicca.

These are some of the good points, but what about the not so good side?

When you start off, it is likely that you will be ‘in the broom closet’ – meaning that you choose not to publicly announce your intentions, or your practice. You may never fully come out of the broom closet as those around you might have different beliefs, or strong opinions regarding anything to do with religion / spirituality / paganism.

It is a fact of life that there will be people around you who are not tolerant of your chosen path. It is up to you whether you hide it, or shout about it.

Loved ones too may not always be understanding about what you are doing. In my own case whenever I go upstairs to my ritual room, I have now come accustomed to my husband stating that I am ‘going upstairs to spin a pencil’. He doesn’t understand nor have asked questions to enable him to understand what it is I do, and that’s fine as frankly, it’s nothing to do with him.  My spirituality does not interfere with our relationship, and I enjoy keeping the two separate!

Other Wiccans are not as easy going as I am! Oh my word have I come across some far too serious folk in my time! Some Wiccans are of the thought that you can’t be a ‘true’ Wiccan unless you have joined a coven / have taken the 366 day path of learning before you become fully initiated. There are degrees to go through and status to be obtained and I’m not even going to go into the politics!

I don’t personally agree with any of that, that’s why I choose the solitary path.

It can also be said that following a solitary path can be quite lonely – I disagree with this completely as well! I have been a solitary for many years and I have loved every second. The only time things went a little bumpy was when I decided to join some Wiccan related groups online. It didn’t take long for me to seriously regret this decision and quickly ‘unfollow’ said groups. It wasn’t so much of the people asking questions, it was the general sense of ‘snobbery’ from those who had done it a while and thought themselves as experienced.

Some Christians will say that you are going to Hell and that you worship the devil. Just ignore this and either tell them that you’ll see them there, or something along the lines of them saying you’re going to hell is a bit like you telling them that they’ll be going to Mordor! It ain’t gonna happen!!


Some Christians hate pagans, much like some Pagans hate Christians. From the Pagan side of things there is a bit of a deep history about Christians taking over ‘our’ places of worship and holidays and making them firmly Christian holidays (Christmas / Easter / Halloween are all actually Pagan holidays), not to mention the Burning Times – but more of these topics much later!

For me, just live and let live. The past is just that, the past. You can’t be blaming every Christian for what happened hundreds and thousands of years ago.

Don’t get me wrong, I do honour ‘our dead’ at Samhain, but I also don’t have any ill will towards any Christian, or any one else who either follows another religion, or don’t follow any religion at all.

Speaking of holidays though, you will become acutely aware that:

Christians took over pagan holidays

Now consumerism and those ‘fat cats in the capital’ have taken over these holidays as an excuse to buy more products (I say again, Easter, Halloween Christmas!!)

When you are starting out, you might also find it difficult to integrate our festivals (Sabbats) into pre-ingrained ‘holiday routines’. Don’t panic there is a way! I’ll show you that later as well!


In my next post, I will be talking about the difference between Witches and Wiccans.

Dealing With Non-Believers

They say that the boundary between insanity and genius is paper thin. What one person thinks insane another believes to be true unadulterated genius.

I don’t know where you are on your journey, or how you came across my website. Maybe you’ve been following your own path for a while, and are just looking for a specific piece of advice. Maybe you have had a glimmer of an idea, a way to make your life better, but don’t know where to start.

From whichever direction you have come here, there will be one thing that joins us in commonality. We are here because we have a dream / a vision / a goal that to some seems so far out of reach, but to us, we know it is something we are meant to achieve.

One other thing will also join us as comrades, and that is the fact that there will be some people either in your inner circle, or just generally around you that do not see your vision, do not believe it is possible, or worse still, do not believe you are capable.

Sure they will superficially go along with you, encouraging you (because that’s the ‘right’ thing to do) but deep down, you don’t get the vibes that they truly believe in you.

Whether you are just about to start your journey, or you are experiencing a slight bump in the road, always keep in mind that it actually doesn’t matter what other people think. Their opinion is none of your business.

What truly matters is that you believe in yourself. That deep down inside you know your own genius, you know you are more than capable and you know that you will achieve your goal. On the slightly more egotistical side, once you have achieved your goal, you can metaphorically sit back and smugly know that you have essentially proven all those doubters wrong. Whether they believed you could or not did not change the fact that you did it. You achieved that success you are reaching for, and now you know you can do anything.

Let’s do some visualisation now. Imagine that you have achieved your end goal, what does it feel like? What is the world around you like? What do you look like? What do you see? What do you hear? Take as long as you need to absorb your surroundings, to absorb the person you have become inside and out. Take your time to feel the achievement, to feel that success through and through, and the pride of knowing that you have overcome all obstacles, you have not let any doubters hinder your success, and now you are on top of your own empire.

Keep this visualisation going for as long as you need so that the images are bright and crystal clear. When you are ready, you can open your eyes but try to hold onto those feelings.

Now, whenever you feel a niggle of doubt creeping in, whenever your resolve wanes, or people voice (either verbally or non verbally) that you are not capable, pull yourself back into this image and feel yourself achieving your dreams.

The more you do this visualisation, the quicker it will take you to feeling ‘that moment’ of success, and the stronger and more ingrained those feelings will become.

One final thing before we part for today, the fact that you are here, on my site, says to me that deep down you are truly committed to achieving your goal. You are here because you strive for greatness, to be all you can be.

Ignore any doubters out there, we are all different, it is just unfortunate that they can’t connect with your genius – because that is what you are. You are working at a much higher level and perhaps one day you will inspire those around you to do the same.

For now though, you do have one person who truly believes in you, who knows you are ore than capable and who know that you will achieve your goal, you will fulfil your vision and create the future you want for yourself – and that person is me